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Hey there, Kidney Warrior!

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re reading so much online (and people are telling you) about what you “need” to avoid, but you can’t tell what’s right and what’s wrong.

  • Your doctor doesn’t have the time to go through your dietary needs from A to Z, but just says “be careful” or “everything in moderation.

  • You’re tired of dealing with conflicting diet information from website to website, doctor to doctor – it’s time-consuming and confusing!

  • You are getting frustrated with figuring out what to eat that’s not only good for you, but tastes good, too!

  • You’ve heard going plant-based can be a good thing for your health and your kidneys, but you don’t know how (or where) to start. It’s overwhelming!

  • You’re scared you’re going to eat the wrong thing and make your kidneys even more damaged.

  • You don’t want to go on dialysis.

If you’ve been nodding your head, know that

you are not alone!


I’ve worked with clients in all stages of kidney disease, and the biggest concerns I hear from them is fear of food.

Fear of nutrition.

Fear of kidney failure.

Skipping meals, avoiding foods they used to enjoy so much but were told from one brochure or website that they couldn’t have it, and then stressing more (helloooo high blood pressure and blood sugars!) over all of it.

So imagine this…

  • You find yourself bursting with energy you never realized you had.

  • You feel comfortable in your body – never bloated, fatigued or drained!

  • Food tastes amazing, and even better in that you know you’re fueling yourself with the best foods for your kidneys!

  • You stop fearing your nephrologist appointments.

  • In fact, your doctor is amazed at your results and cuts your appointments back to every 6 months – or even annually!

  • Meaning you get even more time to spend on yourself and your loved ones.

  • You get to eat foods that you have avoided for years, and still keep your kidneys safe (or even better)!

Introducing the

Plant-Powered Kidneys

Group Program

For those with early staged kidney issues.

Join this program to gain access to an exclusive group of people all with the same focus – to make huge changes in their diet by going plant-based. Everyone in this class will have the same goal in mind – to keep their kidneys healthy and safe from decline.

This program has been designed after working with kidney warriors for the past year and compiling all of the tools, resources, and education they needed to feel supported and comfortable in not only managing but owning your kidney disease.

In completing this program, you’ll see results like…

  • More energy to keep up with your family and active lifestyle

  • Less bloating to weigh you down

  • More food freedom – even with kidney disease!

  • Confidence in creating delicious, healthy, kidney-friendly meals in your own kitchen

Is this what you would expect having kidney disease?

I want you in on this exclusive group program!

This program includes…

Information When You’re Ready

Not only will you get dozens of on-demand video content to watch and re-watch, but you will also be a part of our private Facebook group.

Join weekly live Q&A sessions there that you will have access to for life.

That’s right! Beyond the course, you’ll still be able to ask our plant-powered group – including me – the questions that will pop up from time to time.

Weekly Plant-based Meal Plans

All participants will get tasty and doable plant-based recipes to try in their own home.

Each week, you’ll be provided with a new series of new recipes and a meal plan to show you exactly how the recipes can fit into your life.

Share your creations with the rest of the group in our private Facebook page or in the group chat.

Additional features…

  • Kitchen detox workbooks to practice the lessons from class at home

  • Cooking demonstration videos to help you learn cooking basics and watch kidney-friendly recipes get made

  • Printable guides, grocery lists and resources to use for the years to come

  • New meal plans each week with plant-based recipes and nutrition breakdowns

  • Access to private group chat with all participants and Jen

  • Lifetime access to private Facebook Group with Q&A sessions with Jen

  • Nutriceutical supplement recommendations with 25% discount

  • Private 30-minute session with Jen at the end of the program to address any personal questions and help set plan for future success

What Kidney Warriors are saying about the PPK program

How is this different than the other online kidney classes?

Some companies hold in-person and online classes about what to expect with dialysis. They will touch on nutrition for a segment, but it’s not the focus.

In this program, we deep-dive into renal nutrition with each week. No fluff. We don’t get into dialysis because that’s not what we’re about in this program.

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You are in late stage (4-5) kidney disease (if that’s the case, we need to work together one-on-one and ASAP!)

  • You feel totally fine with what you’re eating now.

  • You are on dialysis or getting ready to start dialysis.

  • You’re not ready to invest your time and energy into a better diet to keep your kidneys healthy.

Registration is currently closed.

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