Well, hey there!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I just want to share a little about why I’ve been interested in helping those with kidney disease.

Does this sound familiar?

All I know is what not to eat. No one can tell me what I’m supposed to eat.

Balancing diabetes and kidney disease? It was frustrating before I had kidney disease, but now it feels impossible.

These are all things I’ve heard from clients and others with kidney disease. The frustration and confusion when it comes to finding the right balanced diet for kidney disease is not uncommon.

My private practice was created to help those with kidney disease slow the disease progress with nutrition changes.

I help people with kidney disease learn how to eat to preserve their kidney function. More often than not, clients that come to me have been doing the renal diet all wrong.

And it’s not their fault! There is too much information on line, and not all of it is accurate. So when it doubt, leave it out… right? Not so much.

In fact, if you’re cutting out a lot of food, you could be doing more harm to your kidneys instead of good.

Once we work together to clarify misconceptions and eat foods that will help the kidneys, my clients are able to feel more confident in their food choices.

They know they’re doing the right things to prevent end stage renal failure and dialysis.

Why should I help kidney warriors?

I’ve been a registered dietitian since 2012 and have worked the majority of my RD life in the renal world. I have been in 3 different states in dialysis clinics, plus I have also worked with the National Kidney Foundation to provide kidney screenings and education to the community.

Plus, I’m a board-certified renal dietitian. Not to bore you, but there’s a lot of work involved with that credential.

Interested in more of my resume?

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How I can help you today

I suggest you start with doing just one thing…

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